Embryonic Stem Cells

What are Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC)?

In 1998, human embryonic stem cells were, for the first time, isolated. Unlike adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells have the faculty to differentiate into any of the 221 cell types of one’s body: they are “pluripotent”. They also hold exclusive information, which they interchange with the cells next to them.

Contrary to what is often believed, embryonic stem cells are not derived from fetus. They are the cells found in a five days old blastocyst, the early stage of an embryonic formation. Once an egg has been fertilized, it will start to divide until it reaches a stage where it contains about 150 cells. At this stage, the cells are separated from each other and cultured to give millions of embryonic stem cells that will be used for the treatment. Such a line of cells can live for many years if exposed to the right environment.


Why choose Emrbyonic Stem Cells over Adult Stem Cells or IPS? Click here to know the answer.


A1 Stem Cells is proud to offer the best possible source of health that are the A1 Embryonic stem cells.

Your options: Standard VS Autologus

A1 Stem Cells offers both ‘Autologous Embryonic Stem Cells’ and ‘Standard Embryonic Stem Cells’

The standard line of Embryonic Stem Cells is Embryonic Stem Cells harvested at 150 cells division, cultured to a line of cells of requested amount. The product is available on a 5 days notice, pending lab capacity.

A1 Stem Cells also offers Autologous Stem Cells using cloning techniques. They are the best Stem Cells available; their production is unique to you. Specific cells will be sampled on you by a lab technicians.

When the Embryonic Stem Cells are harvested, the lab technician will remove the DNA from the cells and will replace it with your DNA. The line that will be developed will then have your genetic make up. Autologous Stem Cells can be injected directly into one’s organs to repair damaged cells. They make the best ‘body repair kit’.

Autologous Stem Cells is the ultimate healing and rejuvenating option. Please consider that its production is time and labor extensive and requires highly skilled techniques. The production time can take up to 6 months from the time of request to the time of application.

The Embryonic Stem Cells employed by A1 Stem Cells are developed following rigorous protocol to ensure best quality products. They are grown without animal feeder layers and thus do not present any contamination danger. Each application of Embryonic Stem Cells is developed just prior to injection and injected while alive.

Contact our patient coordinator to help decide which option is most adapted to your needs.

How are Embryonic Stem Cells applied? 

Embryonic stem cells treatmentThe amount of cells that is best for your need will be decided by one of our expert doctors, once all tests have been performed. With our 4 years experience in ESC treatments, we are however able to give an estimate of the amount of cells you will need before your arrival. These proposed amounts should however always be considered as an educated guess and will be updated within 3 days after your arrival.

Patients may receive between 1 to 12 injections. The amount of cells per injections varies between 5 Million to 20 Million of Embryonic Stem Cells. It is recommended to start with 5 Million on a first injection. We suggest a minimum of 5 days between injections.

The stem cells injections are applied via IV or Lumbar puncture, depending on the targeted area.

What to expect from Embryonic Stem Cells treatment? 

Embryonic Stem Cells are the key to rejuvenation of your body. Once applied, they trigger your body to repair itself. Results vary from patient to patient. Like as per any treatment, a small percentage of patients will not respond to its application. The majority of patients find major improvement to complete remission of their ailment. Your body needs time to heal, results are progressive and take up to three weeks to manifest. Please consider the importance to rest during recovery period. The nature of the treated ailment, your general health condition, as well as the amount of Embryonic Stem Cells received will be key factors to results. We have been privileged to witness stroke patients recover wit, speech and movement, Parkinson patients play guitar, depressed patients embracing life without the help of prescribed medication, and more.

What can be treated by Embryonic Stem Cells? 

Embryonic Stem Cells will address auto immune response diseases, nerve damage, and aging. Arthritis, Cancers, Cardiovascular diseases, Cerebral palsy, COPD, Diabetes, Liver disease, Macular degeneration, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoarthritis, Spinal Chord Injuries, Stroke have been thoroughly studied by our medical partners and biochemist.

Embryonic Stem Cells cannot repair a genetic defect but it can help repair some of the damages caused by it.

If in doubt, contact us to know if Embryonic Stem Cells are right for you.

A1 stem cells’s research team keeps refining protocols and developing new Embryonic Stem Cells applications. We are now invested in a clinical trial to treat Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma exclusively. No other clinical trials are available at the moment. We will keep the page updated with new studies in due times. Send us an email to info@A1StemCells.com if you wish to take part in the study.