What are stem cells?

A revolution in Medicine: soon Embryonic Stem Cells will cure cancer!

Human embryonic stem cells were first isolated in 1998. Unlike adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells are “pluripotent,” meaning they have the ability to differentiate into any of the more than 220 cell types in the human body. They also contain unique information, which they exchange with the cells surrounding them.

Contrary to what is often believed, embryonic stem cells are not derived from a foetus but they are the cells found in the blastocyst, which is the early stage of formation of a five day old embryo. Once an egg has been fertilized, it will start to divide until it reaches a stage where it contains about 150 cells. At this stage, the cells are separated from each other and cultured to give millions of embryonic stem cells that will be used for the treatment. Such a line of cells can live for many years if exposed to the right environment.

Embryonic stem cell is a cancer cure for cancer

cure cancer cure with stem cell

Why choose Embryonic Stem Cells?

Our stem cells experts have conducted comparative studies using adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells for different diseases like stroke and heart failure. Through the different cases studied, it appeared clearly that the embryonic stem cells are able to achieve in one single injection what the adult stem cells can only reach in 5 injections. The Embryonic stem cells also show results in treatment of cancer that are not observed with adult stem cells as the Embryonic stem cells produces and anti cancer protein. The embryonic stem cells have the capacity to kill cancer cells while the adult stem cells cannot. Embryonic stem cells also trigger the increase of the patient’s DNA telomere length, a clear sign of reversing aging, which is not observed with the use of adult stem cells.

Why choosing ESCs instead of Adult Stem Cells or Umbilical Cord Stem Cells?

Adult Stem Cells are harvested from grown organs such as bone marrow, blood or fat tissue of the patient, and re-injected. Studies have concluded that adult stem cells are only able to develop into a limited number of cell types related to the tissue that the stem cells originally came from, they are multi-potent. Umbilical Stem Cells are adult stem cells taken from a Baby’s Umbilical Cord. Risks are usually greater to experience rejection when using Umbilical cord stem cells.

ESC are the only pluripotent Stem Cells. They are also the only stem cells to produce anti-cancer proteins*. Autologous cells are the best Stem Cells available, the ultimate healing and rejuvenating option. The technology to produce the latter is time and labor extensive and requires highly skilled techniques. A1 Stem Cells‘ lab technicians have refined the procedure and follow rigorous protocols to ensure best quality product. Our Embryonic Stem Cells are grown without animal feeder layers and thus do not present any contamination danger. Our Stem Cells are always developed just prior to the costumer’s injection and injected while alive.

A1 Stem Cells is proud to offer the best possible source of health with the best quality embryonic stem cells.

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