Crohn’s disease treatment with stem cell

crohn's disease treatment with stem cell therapy

Crohn’s disease is characterized by chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. It is thought to be caused either by some specific parasitic infection or by an exaggerated immune response towards normal bacteria.

Embryonic stem cells are known to both stop inflammation and regenerate tissue and that’s why they are a major tool in fighting chronic bowel diseases. Their role in regulating the immune system and helping the patient at the epigenetic level is also key to preventing the return of the disease.

The initial step for all Crohn’s disease patients is to identify and treat any possible enteric invasion of parasites and bacteria. Depending on the initial tests performed upon arrival, several IV and oral treatments might be prescribed prior to the ESC treatment.

Once the digestive system has been cleared from the unwanted parasites, stem cells can be delivered by intravenous injections so that they reach all organs in need of repair and work on balancing the immune system.

According to the experience we have acquired in treating chronic inflammations, a minimum of 3 weeks treatment is needed to start to see results. We usually recommend ESC treatment after one week anti-parasitic and detox treatment. The amount and frequency of stem cell injections are decided by our doctors, depending on the severity of the inflammation.

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