Stroke Treatment with STEM CELL

stroke treatment for stroke

The damages caused by stroke can be reversed by Stem cell treatment.

The extent of the repair varies depending on the overall health of the patient and the number of injections he or she receives. Our testimony section proposes a few examples of recovery by stroke patients who are able to write again, talk again or walk again after the our stroke treatment with stem cell.

In order to give the best chance to the brain to heal, our medical experts suggest that the patient stays for a 10 days treatment during which he or she will receive a regular cleanse and 3 embryonic stem cell injections, one on the 5th day and one on the 10th day and last one two week after. This standard protocol may be adapted depending on each individual initial tests and needs.

Our alternative treatment for stroke have shown major improvement in patients’ capabilities. Contact us for more info about our alternative cure for stroke or fill our health questionnaire to receive feedback on a personal situation.

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