Spinal Cord Injuries treatment with ESC

spinal-cord-injury treatment with stem cells

A severed spinal cord can be repaired with the help of stem cells.

One of our medical partners, Dr Romero, neurosurgeon at the Guadalajara Hopital in Tijuana, Mx, has recently operated on a young boy who had a car accident in November 2012 which damaged his spine between T4 and T5.

The operation took place on December 10. On December 28th, Jael, the young boy who couldn’t feel anything before the operation, started to feel heat and cold along his legs.

On January 22nd, he was able to sit up by himself which he couldn’t do before and his legs are now incredibly itchy, a clear sign of his nervous system communicating with the brain again.

We will keep you posted on the progress of Jael’s regularly.

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