Multiple Sclerosis treatment with stem cell

multiple sclerosis treatment for multiple sclerosisMS results from an abnormal immune response against the myelin sheath. The current medical approaches, such as interferon, capaxone, or immune suppressants may block the immune response but they neither stop the causes of the immune response nor repair the damage to the nervous system tissue that has already occurred.

After four years studies and trials we are able to say that our Multiple Sclerosis alternative treatment using Embryonic Stem cell therapy is the best option to stop the progress of the disease and repair brain cell injuries.

Stem cells have the unique capacity to trigger repair of the central nervous system by regulating the production of T cells and therefore stopping the immune system attack as well as by initiating the production of neural stem cells to repair the damaged neurons.

This capacity is linked to specific information that the cells carry which trigger the production of neural stem cells upon their introduction in the body.

This explanation on how human embryonic stem cells helps MS people was recently published by a group of scientists who saw mice who suffered from MS walk within 2 weeks after receiving the human embryonic stem cells.

You may read a summary of their discovery here:

Another study also followed the T cells production before and after stem cell treatment and they reported a major decrease in the presence of Th17 and Th1 cells, the cells responsible for attacking the myelin, in the blood of the patients after they received stem cells, confirming the immuno-regularity function of the human embryonic stem cells.” By regulating the immune system and stimulating the production of neural stem cells for brain damage repair, the embryonic stem cells are the only way to cure MS today.

The A1 Stem Cell alternative treatment for MS requires a minimum of 2 weeks stay during which the patients receive several injections of embryonic stem cells in parallel to a personalized detox treatment which eliminates all toxins that are known to be involved in the immune response.

The number of injections and the amount of cells received by the patients depend on the level of neuronal damage that has to be repaired.

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I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS 3 years ago. I used all medication available but nothing was functioning. I couldn’t drive anymore, I couldn’t find the words to tell people what was going on in my head, I felt so tired all the time.

After receiving the A1 stem cell protocol and the cleanse, I can say that I have my life back. I can ride my bike, I can go in my garden and work there for hours, I can express myself without hesitation. It has been a real life changing experience. [Mary received 3 stem cell injections and stayed for one month for a deep cleanse]

Mary M., 45

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