Liver diseases treatment with stem cell

liver diseases treatment for liver diseasesWhether the liver has been damaged by an excess of toxins or by a virus like the Hepatitis viruses, a minimum of 15 day cleanse is recommended for individuals who have a liver dysfunction. Several embryonic stem cell injections will take place during the course of the treatment, the number and size of which will be decided by the specialized doctors once they have the initial test results.

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Prior to stem cell therapy, I was on steroids for 2 years and gained 35 pounds. Despite eating well and doing what I thought was all the right things, I was seriously ill several times a year , was short in breath all the time and had to use supplemental oxygen. During the Biotech detox and after the 1st stem cell injections, I started to breath differently and didn’t need oxygen as much while I was there. After going back home, the improvement has been steady and I haven’t taken any oxygen supplementation for 2 weeks now! I can also breath deeper, it is an incredible feeling.

Becki L., 45

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