COPD treatment with stem cells

copd treatment for copdOur combined detox and stem cell therapy is well adapted to help patients with COPD as it lowers the inflammatory process quickly and then accelerates the regeneration of the alveoli and blood vessels of the lungs leading to a much better quality of breathing within days.
According to our observations, the lungs are the first organs targeted by stem cells which means that less cells are ‘wasted’ repairing other organs – although it is never wasted. We have also observed better results with small amounts of stem cells injected every day instead of larger amounts injected once a week as we usually recommend for other ailments.
Our recommended protocol for all lung inflammation cases is a 2 week treatment that will include regular adapted detox and small amount of ESC every day after the 6th day.
Severe cases might need an additional week treatment to get the full benefit of the therapy.



I have had severe COPD for 4 years prior to the treatment. I had to use 2 liters of oxygen 24/7. I decided to give stem cell a try before accepting the double lung transplant option. I couldn’t afford the 3 week treatment recommended by the A1Stem cell doctor but I stayed there 10 days at first and the first noticeable change in me was an increased energy and the feeling that my body was finally given a chance. I had only one stem cell injection after one week detox and I felt within a few days that I was breathing better. I still needed oxygen when I left but the difference was noticeable. I decided to come back 6 months later and I did 2 more weeks of the treatment with small amount of stem cells every day as they recommended. I felt much more tired this time which they say was normal, I had to sleep a lot but I could definitely feel the repair happening within me. I didn’t need oxygen as much and when I left, I was using it only a couple of hours a day. It has been 2 weeks now since I came back home and I still see improvement happening which they say I should see with the stem cell boosters that they gave me. I don’t remember when was the last time I had so much energy to do things.

Monica B., 58

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