Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disease and Heart Failure Treatment

heart failure treatment for cardiovascular disease

Researchers at King’s College in London recently demonstrated that the heart hosts its own cardiac stem cells whose functions are to repair the heart whenever damages occur. However for some reasons, these cells stop working only a week or so after the damage has occurred, leaving the repair only partially done. This is why part of the heart muscles may stop working despite the self-healing mechanism, forcing the heart to work harder and leading to heart failure.

It is however possible to reactivate the repair of the heart muscle thanks to embryonic stem cell treatment.

Whenever embryonic stem cells are transplanted in a patient who presents heart damages, signs of repair activity are detected almost instantaneously. Our understanding is that the embryonic stem cells trigger the repair by reactivating the cardiac stem cells functions within minutes from the moment they are introduced intravenously.

After only one injection, some of our patients see their heart ejection flow jump from 30% to 45%!

Considering that the cardiac stem cells usually stop their repair activity within a week, it is recommended for best results to repeat injections of stem cell every week for at least 3 injections.

If you have been told that your heart is about to fail, we highly recommend that you consider embryonic stem cell treatment as the best non invasive way to prevent heart failure.


Clara had a severe heart attack in 2004. Before contacting us she had received adult stem cells from a company in Thailand - a process requiring at least a one week stay. When she contacted A1 Stem Cells, she had just had an echocardiogram showing that her overall left ventricular ejection fraction was estimated to be 30 to 35%. She opted to receive one injection of 5 million Embryonic Stem Cells in November 2010. She arrived at 1pm and was done by 3pm the same day. We received the following email from her in April 2011: I had an EKO last week and rate is 44%, up from the 33/35% it was before I received your stem cells! .Are the stem cells still available and still as good?

Clara decided to make another trip to the clinic and received another 5 million stem cells on April 14th. We will keep you posted when we receive her next ecographic results.

Clara S., 58

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