Cancer Treatment WITH STEM CELLS

The last century, scientists and doctors have been researching a cure for cancer.

embryonic stem cells treatment for cancer cure

The embryonic stem cell therapy combined with our detox protocol is especially well adapted to eliminate cancer cells. The A1 Stem Cells team started cancer treatments only 4 years ago so we cannot yet claim cancer cure as patients need to be cancer free for at least 5 years to be declared cured but we are only one year away from being able to use that label.

It was based on the discovery that embryonic stem cells are able to kill cancer cells in vitro while other stem cells do not destroy them (ref #1) that the A1 doctors designed a very successful protocol to help patients suffering from cancer.

The first step of the A1 stem cell cancer therapy is to eliminate the toxins that are at the origin of the disease. When the body is free from all the toxins accumulated through the years, the immune system can finally do what it is meant to do, ie destroy the foreign tumors.

For this reason, our treatment for cancer always includes a minimum of 21 day cleanse and conditioning where all metals, solvents and parasites are systematically removed from the body. Dental work might be added to the protocol if our tests show a high level of mercury or other heavy metals coming from the patient’s teeth.

Regular tests are performed during these three weeks to determine the level of activity of the cancer clusters. It usually takes between 2 to 3 weeks to deactivate the tumors following this advanced cleanse protocol. It might take longer for patients who have received chemotherapy or radiotherapy before seeking our help.

When all the tumor marker readings are negative, the embryonic stem cell treatment can start which will boost the immune system and assist to the elimination of all cancer tissues that are left. The duration of this second part of the treatment will depend on the type of cancer and its stage upon arrival at the clinic.

At the end of the 4 week treatment, several supplements are added to the regimen as well as proprietary stem cell boosters that will prolong the effect of the embryonic stem cell treatment once back home.

For patients with advanced stage cancer, another 4 weeks treatment may be necessary 6 months after the first one but most of the time, the initial 4 week treatment is sufficient to bring your body back in charge, able to eliminate cancer cells whenever formed, like a healthy body is meant to do.

Breast Cancer treatment with stem cell therapy



I was diagnosed with colon cancer last year during a routine check up exam and my only option, according to the doctor, was to remove part of my colon and then follow a regimen of chemotherapy and radiotherapy which I always promised myself I would never do. A friend of mine recommended the A1 Stem Cells protocol and I decided to do the 4 weekcancer therapy which was making perfect sense to me when I talked to one of their representatives. When they made their initial tests, I couldn’t believe how many toxins I had accumulated and I started to understand why I have been feeling so tired for so long. After 2 weeks, the tumor markers were negative and they started the second part of the treatment for tumor that includes stem cells. I received 3 stem cell injections during the following 2 weeks. I was also asked to follow a special diet, use certain enzymes and other supplements. As recommended, I waited 5 months before doing a colonoscopy and I just got the results 2 days ago, I have no more lesions nor cysts in the colon.. I had no energy prior to the treatment, but now I feel so much better. I have decided to resume traveling…

Peter P., 65

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