Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment with stem cells

Treatment for breast cancer treatment

The A1 stem cell breast cancer protocol is very unique and combines the power of a personalized cleanse with the repair capacity of the embryonic stem cells.

The recent breast removal of Angelina Jolie has flooded the public with information regarding the genetic ’cause’ of breast cancer. It is important to take the time to address this genetic issue and explain why breast removal should be the absolute last resort if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Our genes and our lifestyle

We are all genetically predisposed to some diseases. Our genetic make up carries inherited strengths and weaknesses passed down by our parents but this doesn’t mean that we will develop the same diseases. In order to develop the same diseases as our parents, we would need to have the exact same lifestyle, eat like them, breath the same air and, equally importantly, think like them as our genes need to be activated or woken up in order to develop into cancer.

What turns these genes on and activate the cancer is now well known and is directly correlated to the quality of our food and water, the chemicals in our environment, the pharmaceutical drugs we have binged on and all the bad chemicals that we produce in our body when repeatedly living emotional stress.

In the case of breast cancer, scientists now refer to BRCA1, the genetic marker for the potential development of breast cancer that prompted Angelina Jolie to have her breast removed. We shouldn’t fear the presence of BRCA1 genes like we shouldn’t fear breast cancer. We can avoid the activation of these genes with a healthy lifestyle and if these genes are activated, it is possible to deactivate them and keep them that way for a long time following the A1 stem cell breast cancer therapy.

A1 Stem Cell breast cancer treatment

The initial step of our alternative breast cancer treatment is to remove all the environmental toxins, heavy metals, pollutants, food chemicals, parasites and synthetic hormones that are now known to cause cancer. There are hundreds of them and our experts will identify the most dangerous ones that you carry, remove them thoroughly and follow up their removal by measuring the efficiency of the cleanse on a regular basis.

Once most of the nasty pollutants are removed, the cancer cells will be targeted for removal using gentle products like IP6 and laetrile while keeping the pH body very alkaline with Bicarbonate injections. The embryonic stem cells will then be introduced in the protocol as the last weapon against cancer cells and the messengers of repair for the damaged tissues.

The food you will eat during your stay will be part of your treatment and you will receive nutrition counseling as well as recommendations regarding your lifestyle so that you do not trigger again your genetic weaknesses while back home.

Do not let fear decide and lead you to cut off your breast.

Our breast cancer alternative treatment helped fix damaged organs after having removed the cancer from the body. Contact us for more info about our alternative cure for breast cancer or fill our health questionnaire to receive personal feedback and  learn how you can shut off bad genes and recreate a powerful health with the power of Embryonic Stem cells.


I had breast cancer diagnosed 6 months ago and couldn’t accept the idea of having my breast removed. I researched several alternative cancer cures and I liked what Dr Clark proposed but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. That’s when I found DrCanez and the A1 Stem Cell team. They said that I would probably need to stay 3 weeks for the treatment. On the day I arrived they detected that my lymphatic system has already been contaminated by the cancer and told me that they would need to be very aggressive to stop the progress at first and then reduce the size of the tumor. I fully trusted them and the whole program was much easier than I thought as I only needed to stay in the clinic for 3 hours per day and the rest of the time, I was free to do what I wanted. I was exhausted during the first week, I needed to sleep a lot. Then I started to feel more energy and more positive. On the 15th day, my tumor marker was negative and they say that I needed just another week before going back home. The stem cells made me tired again and they say that it was normal. At the end of the 3 weeks, the size of my tumor was definitely smaller. They say that it would probably take 6 months or so to have it completely removed and digested by the body and if not, I would need to come back for a 2 weeks top up. It has been 3 months since I left the clinic and my tumor is not completely gone yet, but it is still shrinking like they say it would.

Susana G., 5

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