Autism treatment with stem cells

treatment for autism with stem cell therapy

Autism is a complex disorder of the immature brain that is understood to result from a combination of genetic susceptibility, most likely epigenetic, including a reduced ability to excrete toxins, and exposure to toxins at critical developmental periods.

Mercury is one of the recognized neuronal poisons that have been associated to autism spectrum disorders. Elevated mercury concentrations in the brain cause problems in neuronal cell division and can cause brain cell degeneration and death ultimately leading to behavioral dysfunctions. Other toxins and parasites have also been documented to cause similar developmental regressions or dysfunctions.

The first step when addressing autism disorder is to identify what toxins may have caused the problem.

Upon arrival of the patient, tests are performed that screen for the presence of heavy metals, organic toxins and of the most common parasites involved in brain dysfunctions.

Depending on the results, an adapted detoxification program is then offered that takes into account the patient biochemistry so that the removal of the toxins is done in an efficient manner. The detoxification program involves daily intravenous injections of chelating agents that will bind to the metals and toxins and carry them out of the body through urine as well as different supplements.  A minimum of 10 days is usually required to observe an efficient removal of the toxic load.

The next course of actions is about restoring healthy brain functions. For the past 5 years we have observed remarkable recoveries of patients with brain disorders thanks to the use of Embryonic Stem cells. Their capacity to repair damaged organs is especially noticeable at the level of the neuronal network, restoring damages done after stroke, aneurysm or other brain injuries. This is what lead us more recently to offer ESC treatments for autism. The best results for autistic children have been observed after repeated small amounts of Embryonic Stem cells over the course of 3 weeks. A minimum of 3 injections of 5 million stem cells is usually recommended. The first injection may be scheduled as soon as 5 days after the beginning of the detox treatment

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