Arthritis treatment with stem cells

arthritis treatment for arthritis

Patients who received embryonic stem cell treatments for some specific ailments and who also had joint inflammations all noticed improvements in their joint function, a nice side effect of the treatment.
For this reason we started to offer stem cell treatment combined with detox to those who contacted us for help with their osteoarthritis or chronic arthritis. Whether their arthritis was caused by a bacterial infection or a regular ‘wear and tear’ on joints, the combined treatment has helped all patients to recover the use of their knees or hips. Some who were ready to have surgical knee replacement have been able to postpone the surgery for more than 3 years now. Each case is different and we cannot give a general description of the protocol as some may require injections directly into the joint while for others, an intravenous injection will be more appropriate. The medical team will be able to decide the best protocol only after reading the results of the preliminary tests performed upon arrival of the patient.


This is a test with each step I took and I couldn’t get relief with medication anymore. I didn’t want to have surgery though. When I heard from a friend that stem cells could help me, I decided to try. I stayed for 2 weeks in the A1 stem cell clinic and had 2 stem cell injections in the knees and by IV and it really worked. I was able to walk without pain when going back home. It has been 3 years since I did it. I went back once, one year after the first stem cell treatment, in order to further the cleanse and get more of the cells. My life is now pain-free and it encouraged me to change my diet, exercise like I was dreaming to do, my life is simply transformed. I can feel that the stem cells repaired more than my knees.

Judy S., 61

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