Stem Cell Treatment

Embryonic Stem cell treatment for cancer cure

Why we recommend the combination of Embryonic Stem Cell treatment, Detox and Dentistry:

Besides treating our patients with the most potent stem cells available on the market, A1 Stem Cells has developed a unique protocol preparing your body to make the utmost use of your Embryonic Stem Cells treatment.

The combined treatments have shown optimized results in patients suffering from cancer, diabetes, stroke, spinal cold injuries, liver failure and more.

Most diseases are associated with an accumulation of toxins. The stem cells used in our programs are able to help detoxify but it is less expensive to do it at first with techniques like the one designed by Dr. Clark and once the body is cleansed from these toxins, then the stem cells can do what no other method can, i.e. repair the affected organ(s).

For this reason, our stem cell treatment will always include a detox program adapted to your ailment, followed by the optimized amount of Stem cell injections. Thanks to the combination of the most potent stem cells on the market and the unique preparation of the body before injections, our group of experts have achieved the best results ever observed with stem cells treatment.

A1 Stem Cells recommend any patient having amalgams or what is called ”silver fillings” to remove them and replace them with more biocompatible material. It has been shown and scientifically documented that the mercury contained in amalgams is slowly released into the body and accumulate through time. Mercury is the second most toxic element to man and we believe that removing a source of intoxication, when done properly, will help strengthen anyone’s immune system and raise its power to fight parasites, viruses, bacteria, in other words diseases. Visit our Metal-free dentistry page for more information.

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Potential Stem Cells Treatment

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stem cell treatment for cancer cure

A1 Stem Cells is always searching for better results and new treatments (applications). We are doing a very promising clinical trial with patients with macular degeneration and glaucoma du to diabetes. No other clinical trials are available at the moment. We will keep the page updated with new studies in due times. 

Please contact us If you have questions about the stem cells treatment we offer. We will be happy to inform and guide you into the medicine of the future!


Clinical trials with Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC)

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