The Detox

We have discovered that most degenerative diseases treatment requires specific cleanses before starting the stem cell treatment protocols. We offer a unique combination of such programs that have been inspired by the includible work of Dr Hulda Clark who dedicated her life in finding the origins and the causes of most degenerative diseases, including cancer.

dr clark treatment for cancerAccording to Dr Clark, killing parasites, removing pollutants and clearing gall­stones and kidney stones from your body are the most powerful combination of treatments to regain one’s self-healing capacity.

This is exactly what our doctors are offering here in Tijuana, Mexico, thanks to their research and practice following Dr Clark’s protocols and teaching. We are also able to trace all the toxins and parasites that are affecting the patient’s health and remove them selectively.

The Detox protocol we propose includes:

  • Metal removal chelation by IV, following the recommendations of the ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine).
  • Selected vitamins given by IV
  • Natural anti-parasites given orally and by IV
  • Liver and kidney cleanses
  • Regular assessment of the progress of the detox

Our Stem cell experts strongly recommend to follow the detox programs before receiving any stem cells treatment. 
It is also our recommendation to experience these highly effective cleanse programs even if you don’t want to receive stem cells at this time as the benefits of a 10 day cleanse will empower your immune system and might increase your energy level that we all forget we once had.