Three years ago I had pain in my knees with each step I took and I couldn’t get relief with medication anymore. I didn’t want to have surgery though. When I heard from a friend that stem cells could help me, I decided to try. I stayed for 2 weeks in the A1 stem cell clinic and had 2 stem cell injections in the knees and by IV and it really worked. I was able to walk without pain when going back home. It has been 3 years since I did it. I went back once, one year after the first stem cell treatment, in order to further the cleanse and get more of the cells. My life is now pain-free and it encouraged me to change my diet, exercise like I was dreaming to do, my life is simply transformed. I can feel that the stem cells repaired more than my knees.

Judy S., 61

Breast Cancer

I had breast cancer diagnosed 6 months ago and couldn’t accept the idea of having my breast removed. I researched several alternative cancer cures and I liked what Dr Clark proposed but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. That’s when I found Dr Canez and the A1 Stem Cell team. They said that I would probably need to stay 3 weeks for the treatment.

On the day I arrived they detected that my lymphatic system has already been contaminated by the cancer and told me that they would need to be very aggressive to stop the progress at first and then reduce the size of the tumor.

I fully trusted them and the whole program was much easier than I thought as I only needed to stay in the clinic for 3 hours per day and the rest of the time, I was free to do what I wanted. I was exhausted during the first week, I needed to sleep a lot. Then I started to feel more energy and more positive.

On the 15th day, my tumor marker was negative and they say that I needed just another week before going back home. The stem cells made me tired again and they say that it was normal. At the end of the 3 weeks, the size of my tumor was definitely smaller. They say that it would probably take 6 months or so to have it completely removed and digested by the body and if not, I would need to come back for a 2 weeks top up. It has been 3 months since I left the clinic and my tumor is not completely gone yet, but it is still shrinking like they say it would.

Susana G., 52

Colon Cancer

6 months ago, I had a routine exam and they found I was anemic, so I had a colonoscopy which showed one lesion in my transverse colon and many polyps. I was told that I had to have a surgical operation as soon as possible to remove parts of my colon and that I would probably need radiotherapy after. I have always told myself that I would never go into this kind of cancer treatment that leaves people more ill than before the treatment. So I searched for another cure for cancer and A1 Stem Cells was actually recommended to me by a friend who had his early stage cancer knocked out thanks to their treatment.

I was a little scared to go to Mexico of course, but so determined to cure my cancer that I didn’t hesitate for long. On the day I arrived, they started the tumor treatment right away and I received IV injections everyday for 3 weeks. The team is really great and Dr Canez has taken the time to explain what he does and regularly check the progress of the tumor activity. According to his analysis, the tumor marker was negative on the 10th day of the cancer treatment and has remained negative since then. I have been back home for 3 months now and feel really great. According to my latest blood test, I am not anemic anymore.

Diane H., 71

Colon Cancer

I was diagnosed with colon cancer last year during a routine check up exam and my only option, according to the doctor, was to remove part of my colon and then follow a regimen of chemotherapy and radiotherapy which I always promised myself I would never do.

A friend of mine recommended the A1 Stem Cells protocol and I decided to do the 4 week cancer therapy which was making perfect sense to me when I talked to one of their representatives.

When they made their initial tests, I couldn’t believe how many toxins I had accumulated and I started to understand why I have been feeling so tired for so long. After 2 weeks, the tumor markers were negative and they started the second part of the treatment for tumor that includes stem cells. I received 3 stem cell injections during the following 2 weeks. I was also asked to follow a special diet, use certain enzymes and other supplements.

When I came back home, all my friends were surprised to see me with so much energy and looking younger.

As recommended, I waited 5 months before doing a colonoscopy and I just got the results 2 days ago, I have no more lesions nor cysts in the colon.. I had no energy prior to the treatment, but now I feel so much better. I have decided to resume traveling…

Peter P., 65


Prior to stem cell therapy, I was on steroids for 2 years and gained 35 pounds.
Despite eating well and doing what I thought was all the right things, I was seriously ill several times a year , was short in breath all the time and had to use supplemental oxygen.
During the Biotech detox and after the 1st stem cell injections, I started to breath differently and didn’t need oxygen as much while I was there. After going back home, the improvement has been steady and I haven’t taken any oxygen supplementation for 2 weeks now! I can also breath deeper, it is an incredible feeling.

Becki L., 45

COPD for 4 years

I have had severe COPD for 4 years prior to the treatment. I had to use 2 liters of oxygen 24/7. I decided to give stem cell a try before accepting the double lung transplant option. I couldn’t afford the 3 week treatment recommended by the A1Stem cell doctor but I stayed there 10 days at first and the first noticeable change in me was an increased energy and the feeling that my body was finally given a chance. I had only one stem cell injection after one week detox and I felt within a few days that I was breathing better. I still needed oxygen when I left but the difference was noticeable.

I decided to come back 6 months later and I did 2 more weeks of the treatment with small amount of stem cells every day as they recommended. I felt much more tired this time which they say was normal, I had to sleep a lot but I could definitely feel the repair happening within me. I didn’t need oxygen as much and when I left, I was using it only a couple of hours a day. It has been 2 weeks now since I came back home and I still see improvement happening which they say I should see with the stem cell boosters that they gave me. I don’t remember when was the last time I had so much energy to do things.

Monica B., 58

Heart Failure

Clara had a severe heart attack in 2004. Before contacting us she had received adult stem cells from a company in Thailand – a process requiring at least a one week stay. When she contacted A1 Stem Cells, she had just had an echocardiogram showing that her overall left ventricular ejection fraction was estimated to be 30 to 35%. She opted to receive one injection of 5 million Embryonic Stem Cells in November 2010. She arrived at 1pm and was done by 3pm the same day. We received the following email from her in April 2011: I had an EKO last week and rate is 44%, up from the 33/35% it was before I received  your stem cells! .Are the stem cells still available and still as good?

Clara decided to make another trip to the clinic and received another 5 million stem cells on April 14th. We will keep you posted when we receive her next ecographic results.

Clara S., 58

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 3 years

I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS 3 years ago. I used all medication available but nothing was functioning. I couldn’t drive anymore, I couldn’t find the words to tell people what was going on in my head, I felt so tired all the time.

After receiving the A1 stem cell protocol and the cleanse, I can say that I have my life back. I can ride my bike, I can go in my garden and work there for hours, I can express myself without hesitation. It has been a real life changing experience. [Mary received 3 stem cell injections and stayed for one month for a deep cleanse]

Mary M., 45

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 3 years

Before the stem cell treatment, I had fatigue, my toes were numb all the time, I was losing balance and I couldn’t function without pain medication. The doctors said I had progressive MS. I received 2 stem cell injections and followed the 15 day cleanse with A1Stem cells last month and it really changed everything. I am back to being 100% active and I don’t need pain killer anymore. I have energy like I had at 30. They say I might have to come back as I didn’t do the full protocol, but right now, I feel fantastic.

Alan S., 51

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

For the past 3 years, all I could do was lie on the couch and sleep there all day. I had no energy and needed a cane to go around. I couldn’t stand for more than one minute. After the embryonic stem cell treatment, I feel fully back to whom I used to be. One month after coming back home, I even started to run. I feel clear in my head also, I have my life back! [Judy received 3 stem cell injections over a 3 week period and followed the MS deep cleanse at the same time].

Judy T., 45

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

I was paralyzed from the waist down when I came to the A1 stem cell clinic. I was house bound and had to get help to go anywhere. To construct a sentence was also so difficult. I did two one month treatments and I can say that I have fully recovered. After the first month, I was able to walk although I was still dragging my right leg and my balance wasn’t perfect. After the second treatment, I could walk normally and had my cognitive ability fully back. I have started to exercise a little and was amazed to be able to jump rope again last week. I didn’t think I would have my life back but it is what is happening to me now.

Steve D., 60

Prostate Cancer

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. I followed the hormone therapy at first which gave me a relief but it didn’t cure my cancer and I knew I had to find an alternative cancer cure. The cancer treatment proposed by A1 Stem Cells was the one that made more sense to me among all the offers I could find on Internet.

The first test they performed when I arrived showed that I had an accumulation of nickel in the prostate that had to be removed but they also found that all my bridges were in nickel which I needed to remove if I ever wanted to heal.

For the first week I spent my time between the clinic for the IV injections and the dentist to make my mouth metal free. Analyses were performed regularly to check on the level of nickel at first and then on the tumor markers. After 3 week treatment, my PSA was halved and on the day I left, it was at 7, instead of 46 when I arrived.

My PSA is now stable between 8 and 14 which is not perfect yet but the A1 Stem Cells tumor marker is still negative so they are confident that there is no tumor activity to fear anymore.

I intend to have another 2 weeks treatment soon as they suggested and I will do it every year to make sure I stay clean.

Kevin G., 62