Prices for Stem Cell treatment

Prices vary depending on the type of Stem Cells you wish to use and on the number of cells and injections you will receive. Our patient coordinator will send you a quote that reflects your choices. In the mean time, here is a guideline of your possibilities:

cancer treatment with stem cell

Embryonic Stem Cell therapy from the Standard Line :

              • $4,000 5 Million ESC
              • $9,750 3x 5 Million ESC
              • $15,600 5x 5 Million ESC
              • $39,000 Rejuvenation Program 12x 10 Million ESC

Embryonic Stem Cell therapy from Autologous:

$28,000 2x 10 Million Autologous SC Any extra injection $2,000 * the indicated costs are for IV injections. Lumbar puncture is an extra $1000.

Detox Program:

250$ per day, including 3 IV, supplements, testing, standard blood test.
Extra blood tests, Xray, ultrasound check, EEG or other tests might be necessary and are not included in the detox cost.

Metal Free dentistry:

Amalgam replacement with composite holistic protocol with oxygen is $120 per tooth. We offer Zirconia/Emax Inlays at 350$ and Zirconia/Emax crowns are $500.

A1 Stem Cells have changed life of many so far; we might change yours too! Read our embryonic stem cells testimonies to see results we got.

If you have questions regarding our Embryonic Stem Cell treatments, prices or any other concern, please contact us at or call our toll free number: 1-877-893-6465.