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Here are the typical steps our clients go through when seeking for Stem Cell Therapy:

  1. Our patient coordinator will email you paperwork consisting of a basic medical history questionnaire and non-disclosure agreements. You can fax it back to (650)641-8088 or email at Feel free to send any extra medical information via fax or email as well. It will help us guide you better.
  2. cure for tumor treatment with stem cellsUpon receiving your information, our patient coordinator will set up a phone appointment to guide you through your choice of Embryonic stem cell, whether to chose the Standard Line or the Autologous Stem Cells, the quantity of cells and the number of injections that you may need to reverse your condition based on prior treatment studies.
  3. Our patient coordinator will send you a quote that reflects your Embryonic stem cell choices with our recommendations.
  4. Our patient coordinator will schedule a date for your Embryonic stem cell treatment. A deposit is required to confirm the appointment.
  5. We will pick you up at San Diego airport (SAN) and drive you to your hotel or directly to the clinic. When the treatment with stem cells is done, we will drive you back to the Airport of San Diego.

If you think that Embryonic Stem cell treatment can help you, call us at: 1-877-893-6465 or email us at We will be happy to answer your questions and guide you into the medicine of tomorrow.
Treatment for Cancer cure with Embryonic Stem Cells

Prices for Embryonic Stem Cell treatments