Optimized stem cell treatment protocol

A1 Stem Cell will fist provide you with an advanced diagnosis of your condition and general health, using the latest non invasive equipment.

On top of all the usual blood tests and necessary scans, saliva tests will be performed at your arrival, and throughout your treatment that will monitor most pollutants and disease markers that only a few laboratories in the world are able to detect. Thanks to this advanced technology, we have been able to detect ailments such as upcoming stroke, diabetes or early stage cancer at much earlier stages than standard testing allows and correct them quickly. 

A1 Stem Cell research has shown that a cleanse conducted prior to a treatment with stem cells helps maximize the power of the stem cells and the outcome of the treatment.

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Each ailment has its optimum protocol, which is described in Stem Cell Treatment page. A protocol will be created for your specific needs, depending on how advanced your condition is and on the status of your general health.

If our tests indicate a high amount of heavy metals in your teeth, our doctors might recommend to remove the faulty amalgams so that you stop poisoning your body. A Holistic Dentist is associated to the clinic and works in a synergistic way with all the A1 Stem cells programs.

A1 Stem Cells doctors will recommend an Embryonic Stem Cell therapy based on your needs. We suggest a minimum of 5 days of detox before your first injection, and a minimum of 5 days between each injection. The cells are applied via IV or Lumbar Puncture depending on the targeted area. See the treatment page for more detail per ailment.

A1 Stem Cells will provide you with after-treatment follow-up and counseling once back home. Your body needs time and energy to repair itself. You should see the full effect of your treatment with stem cells within about three weeks of its application. Please consider rest and patience.

You will as well be given a set of proprietary Stem Cell boosters that have been specially designed to prolong the effects of the Stem Cell treatment. Our current research has shown that thanks to their use, the healing effect of stem cells can be stretched up to three months and remain stable for much longer. As for true long lasting health, we want to highlight the importance of finding the source of your condition. It is often due to old metal based dentistry, it can also be coming from your source of water, old pipes, or allergic reactions to your environment. Our team will help you track and control the possible causes of your ailment so that you not only find relief with us but you find a cure.

We will be looking forward to your feedbacks!

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Personalized welcome

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A1 Stem Cells staff will be at your service to help you enjoy the Tijuana experience.

A member of the welcome team can pick you up at the San Diego airport and help you find your hotel upon arrival. A walking distance apartment with small kitchenette, associated to the detox clinic is also available upon request. The combined detox and embryonic stem cell treatment require only 3h of your time per day at the clinic. Hotels provide shuttles to go and come back from the clinic. We will be happy to be there for you regarding any questions from help with direction, shopping, restaurant or any adjustment to the local life.
We can hire for you a nurse, translator, driver, or cook, upon your request. Extra fees will apply.

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