RIVERSIDE: Money raised for stem cell therapy that a girl needs

Stem cell treatment

Terry Lobato, the girl’s father shared to me that there was over $11,000 that was collected by the fundraiser in Corona last week. The money will be used to have the Riverside girl’s adult-stem-cell treatment resumed and conduct a research about how the extremely fragile bones could be addressed by the infusions.

Elizabeth Lobato, who is now 15 and was born with brittle bone disease or a severe form of osteogenesis imperfect, was the subject of the article that I wrote back in April. Mary, the girl’s mother said that her daughter, because of bone fracture would usually end up in the hospital about once every month. This is because her bones were very fragile that legs, ribs and other body parts would regularly suffer from breaks or fractures for even gentle movements such as rolling over, that she made. There were four children and Elizabeth that were included in a study more than three years ago. Her father and another donor have then begun donating stem cells for her.

In April, Dr. Edwin Horowitz told me that there has been major stem-cell therapy improvements that they have experienced. The research is lead by Horowitz, a physician at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital. By that time, Elizabeth’s bones strengthened, her head finished hardening and hair began growing again.

This morning, Terry Lobato announced that “She’s more active, she’s happy, she’s growing, and she has a more positive outlook about life.” And without having her parents to worry about her suffering from fatal fall, Elizabeth is now able to hang out with friends.

”She’s going shopping at the mall tomorrow with her friends,” Lobato said and adding “These are the things we couldn’t have imagined a few years ago.”

According to Lobato, there has been a goal of having the research and treatment started in December yet the federal funding had ran out. In order for the said research for Elizabeth and the rest of the four other patients begin, the fundraiser at a private home in Corona, which Horowtiz attended, has started collecting money last week.

Lobato mentioned that it should have been some few weeks ago that Elizabeth have undergone infusion of stem cell and that the treatment for stem cell takes place every four months. Although however she continues to show improvement, he is concern about what is going to happen to her until the treatment resumes. Lobato said, “Elizabeth says she does this because she doesn’t want any other children to go what she goes through.”

stem cell therapy in mexicoThe website www.elizabethlobato.com is where people should go whenever interested about donating to the hospital’s research. Pope Francis, in April, is pictured kissing Elizabeth. She received one of four pontifical awards from the Vatican –awards which are given to children and adults who champion the use and benefit from adult stem cells. The Roman Catholic Church perceives taking stem cells from human embryos immoral. However, embryonic stem cells usage is supported by Dr. Alan Trounson, president of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Each therapy’s efficacy depends on the disease type and that each stem cell treatment comes with pros and cons, according to scientists.

Grisanti stressed out that “there are some people who will never accept them for moral reasons,” this is regardless if how people deem embryonic stem cells. This also is despite the California’s widespread support of their use as indicated in the voter-approved creation of stem cell institute in 2004.


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