Metal-free dentistry

As surprising as it sounds, teeth can be a source of intoxication. It’s especially the case when one has amalgams or silver fillings in their mouth. Amalgams slowly releases heavy metals into the body and can’t be eliminated by itself, thus it accumulates with time.

 treatment for cancer and  treatment for tumor requires to remove amalgams anti aging therapy

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) have been accumulating evidences that silver fillings release mercury and can be found in the scientific literature. Today, IAOMT is promoting metal-free dentistry through out the world (more info here). We know that heavy metals in one’s body overloads the immune system, thus limit its capability to fight viruses, parasites, bacteria, in other words, diseases.

Either treatment for cancerany degenerative diseases or anti-aging therapy or simply for prevention, we strongly recommend you to remove any metal from the mouth. Dr. Criss Melendrez follows both the Dr Clark protocol and the guidance of IAOMT to remove amalgams in a safe way, so it doesn’t contaminate you more.

Trained in Mexico City as a holistic dentist, Dr. Criss Melendrez proposes a biological approach for all your dental care to ensure you get the best biocompatible products and procedures available for a comprehensive healthcare.

Dr. Criss Melendrez’s clinic follow the standards of the American Dental Association and offers the same quality of service and material as any clinic in U.S and Canada at a much lower price. Dr. Criss Melendrez and her team offer cosmetic dentistry, veneers, Zirconium and E-Max ceramic crowns, oral surgery, dental implants and overall mouth rehabilitation.