Lyme disease treatment

treatment for lyme disease with stem cells therapy

Lyme disease is a frequent underlying causal factor in chronic human illness and can be linked to at least 7 different organisms. Classical Lyme disease is a bacterial infection caused by a spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, which is passed to the patient by a tick bite. Similar infections that cause similar symptoms can be transmitted by the following other organisms which may be transmitted by the same tick bite or not : Babesia microti (a protozoan intracellular invader); Rickettsia rickettsiae; Ehrlichiosis; Chlamydia pneumoniae; Mycoplasma pneumoniae (associated with MS, ALS and Fibromyalgia);  Bartonella henselae.

The resulting chronic fatigue, non-healing infections in the jaw bone, fibromyalgia, mental confusion, peripheral nervous system problems and overall immune system failure have to be addressed with a combination of treatments that will remove the bacteria, boost the immune system and repair the damages caused by a usually long infectious state.

Anti-bacterial treatments

Long and multiple antibiotic courses usually have limited success and create additional problems, especially for the liver and intestines. Ozone therapy and Electro-frequency therapy that have been used with success in different cases are preferred and will be adapted to the patient needs depending on the initial tests performed upon arrival. Proteolytic enzymes like Wobenzyme are given in parallel to break up the cyst wall where dormant forms of B. Burgdorferi are hiding so that they become vulnerable to the anti-bacterial treatment.


Eliminating the bacteria from ALL parts of the body cannot be done without the help of the patient’s own immune system which has probably been weakened by the infections but also by the heavy metals, pesticides, environmental toxicity, bacterial, fungal and parasitic toxins that are known to wreak havoc on the body. Not to mention all the drugs anyone with a chronic illness has consumed which also intoxicate the body defenses.

To allow full recovery to occur, it is important to rid the body quickly and efficiently of all toxicity.

A natural  anti-parasite treatment which includes wormwood, cloves and black walnut will be offered along with heavy metal removal by chelation. Other methods may be used depending on the toxins that may be found in the initial tests run upon arrival.

Detoxification should be done on an ongoing basis for the duration of the treatment to also eliminate the neurotoxins released in large amounts as the bacteria die off. It is understood that most of the damage to the organs does not come directly from the Borrelia Spirochetes but is a direct result of the toxins released by these bacteria..

Embryonic stem cell therapy

The capacity of embryonic stem cells to boost the immune system has been well-documented and will complement the detoxification described above.

Embryonic Stem Cells are also unique in their ability to trigger repair in the body. For example, within 30s of embryonic stem cell injection through IV, a damaged heart will start to produce the proteins responsible for restoring its optimal function. Similar results are observed for damaged liver and kidneys as well as for brain injuries and major nervous system impairment. Further organ repair can be observed for as long as 2 months after stem cell treatment.

ESC treatments are performed either by IV injections or through lumbar puncture in case of symptoms associated with brain damages like memory loss, depression, epilepsy.The amount and frequency of stem cells that will be needed to repair vary for each case depending on the amount of damage suffered by the patients. A minimum of 3 injections of 20 million cells should be anticipated to observe significant results. Considering our previous results, if you have suffered from Lyme disease for several years, 6 injections are recommended. The first injection should happen once most of the heavy metals and toxins have been eliminated which usually takes about 10 days. ESC injections are then delivered every 5 days.



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