Some FAQ about Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

Q. Since there is no cure for MS, would the old problem manifest over time despite creating new myelin with stem cells?
A. Even if some genes are shared by MS patients, our understanding is that MS is not a genetic disease and therefore reversible. It is well documented that genes need to be activated in order to express themselves. The new science of epigenetic has shown that our environment is largely responsible for the way our genes are activated or not. This is why one twin may develop MS and not the other one. One of the A1 medical doctors who also specialized in alternative medicine, has developed analytical tools to track the common environmental factors associated with symptoms and diseases. Repeatedly over the past 20 years, he and his team has shown that MS patients have an accumulation of specific solvents in their brain (toluene, xylene) as well as other toxins and parasites. This is one of the reasons why we do not treat MS cure patients without doing a thorough cleanse, removing all traces of the toxins which we know are associated with the immune response. It is also important for us to trace the source of these toxins in your daily life so that you are not contaminated again when you come back home. For that purpose, if you elect to follow the stem cell treatment we propose, we will need you to bring samples of the water you drink, the one you cook with, the one you shower with, samples of the drinks you enjoy, samples of the processed food you eat regularly, samples of dust in your house, and we will analyze them all to know which one you may have to stop being exposed to. By canceling the exposure to the toxins and removing them from your body with gentle chelation, it is possible to stop the immune response that is causing the brain damages, leaving a clean ‘terrain’ ready for repair by Stem cells. We should add that the cells also trigger the necessary cleanse but it is a waste of money to inject cells for cleaning while there are cheaper technique to do it efficiently. This is also why we recommend for patients to come for at least 10 days so that the initial cleanse is completed before injecting the cells.

Multiple sclerosis cure for MS with ESC?Q. How long does the average stem cell fix last? Do you do follow-up treatments? What is involved?
A. After being injected, the cells work in the body for about 3 weeks but the body keeps improving for several months after injection. The improvements last forever if we remove the cause of the disease efficiently. We will need to do a detective work with you on your habits and keep doing it even after you are back home so that you keep progressing. For that purpose, we usually ask our patients to regularly send saliva samples to check if any of the toxins are back. Progress won’t happen overnight but you will feel subtle changes every day for months after the treatment.

Q. How many injections are needed?
A. Our experience shows that for advanced cases of MS, the patient needs more than one injection to have significant repair and as our patients are coming from far, we designed a protocol where patients start the cleanse treatment on the first day and receive it for 10 consecutive days. The first cell injection is usually planned on the 5th day and the second one on the 10th day. This protocol can be adapted to each individual case depending on the amount of repair that is needed, the time that is allocated to the treatment and any other specific need or consideration.

Q. How many cells does the patient receive? and is the more the better?
A. 20 million cells per injection is what we usually recommend for Multi Sclerosis cure. The doctors will decide what is best for you depending on what stage of the disease you are at. The cells can either be injected in your spinal fluid through lumbar puncture or through IV or both. That will be discussed with you after initial blood tests and exams have been conducted.

Q. When an MS patient receives his first infusion of stem cells, what is the average time before they feel things happening?
A. During the 10 day cleanse and after the first injection, people are feeling tired and sleep a lot, the body needs to shut down for repair. The progress is subtle at first but steady everyday for 3 weeks after the ESC injection. You will also receive proprietary stem cell boosters to keep the ESC work longer. Our protocol is quite unique and, we believe, the only one that works in the world.

Q. What side effects if any have people had?
A. better skin, fuller hair , stronger nails, increased libido, balanced hormonal levels… these are the only side effects reported by our patients and we are proud of that.

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