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Adipose Tissue Was Unexpectedly Discovered To have Stress-Resistant Stem Cells

Los Angeles, CA (Scicasts) –There has been a new primitive, stress-resistant human pluripotent stem cells population that have been isolated by the researchers from the UCLA Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Such were seen to be derived directly and easily from fat tissue. On top of that, without genetic modification they were able to have it differentiated into cell type in the human body virtually.

It was through a “scientific accident” discovery that the multi-lineage stress-enduring stem cells coming from adipose tissue (Muse-AT) were made known. It was during that experiment when all of the stem cells, except the Muse-AT cells were killed due to a failed piece of equipment in the laboratory.

According to Gregorio Chazenbalk, an associate researcher with UCLA Obstetrics and Gynecolgy and.

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