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Stem Cells therapy to Reverse Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes treatment with stem cell therapyPrevious studies, especially the ones led by researchers of the University of Sao Paulo and Northwestern University in Chicago, have shown that it is possible to successfully treat type 1 diabetes using stem cells. A major part of the individuals who received this adult stem cell treatment witnessed an appreciable repopulation of functioning insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.

The A1StemCells most recent results using the most powerful stem cells which are the Embryonic Stem Cells not only confirmed the possibility to reverse diabetes by developing new beta cells but also showed that new blood vessels were formed in the process within the pancreas. This additional supply of blood allows for.

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Successful conversion of Human Skin Cells to Embryonic Stem Cells

stem cell therapy in mexicoPortland, OR –Reprogramming of human skin cells to becoming embryonic stem cells which are capable of transforming into any other bodily cell types has been successfully done by scientists at Oregon Health & Science University along with the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC).

Having damaged cells because of illness or injury replaced is believed to be possible through stem cell therapy. Parkinson, heart diseases, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries are among the diseases and conditions that could be addressed and treated through stem cell therapy.

In 2007, the transformation of monkey skin cells to embryonic stem cells was successful. This has compelled the team led by Dr. Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a senior.

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Cloning of Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Embryonic stem cell therapyUSA TODAY –The production of embryonic stem cells from cloned embryos is the scientific first achievement of the international research team. Pushing further the possibilities to generate replacement tissues for affected patients.

The potential to have the starter cells, embryonic stem cells grow into almost any tissue type (that is from blood to bone to brain), is possible. For the last 15 years, they have been seen as a potential source of rejection-free transplant tissues for conditions including diabetes to paralysis. Aside from that, the utilization of human embryos in research during the Bush administration was the subject of a fierce political fight against medical ethics. This is due to the embryonic cells retrieval process.

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Heart Disease

Clara had a severe heart attack in 2004. Before contacting us she had received adult stem cells from a company in Thailand - a process requiring at least a one week stay. When she contacted Stemaid™, she had just had an echocardiogram showing that her overall left ventricular ejection fraction was estimated to be 30 to 35%. She opted to receive one injection of 5 million Embryonic Stem Cells by Stemaid™ in November 2010. She arrived at 1pm and was done by 3pm the same day. We received the following email from her in April 2011: I had an EKO last week and rate is 44%, up from the 33/35% it was before I received Stemaid's stem cells! . Are the stem cells still available and.

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Computer Reprogrammed Stem Cells – Computational Biology
embryonic stem cells treatment for diseases

Embryonic stem cells as they are known since the beginning divide and increasingly differentiate. There is no way for a skin cell to spontaneously turn out into a heart muscle cell or nerve cell; the ensuing tissue cells remain in a stable state.}

There are various known embryonic stem cells applications, for a damage nerve tissue for example; patient’s own skin will be the subject for healthy cells extraction made which will be conducted by the doctor. These then will be developed into nerve cells through having them reprogrammed. Application for brain diseases such as Parkinson seem ideal.

Among the other stem cell research efforts are those done by researchers John Burdon and.

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Adipose Tissue Was Unexpectedly Discovered To have Stress-Resistant Stem Cells

Los Angeles, CA (Scicasts) –There has been a new primitive, stress-resistant human pluripotent stem cells population that have been isolated by the researchers from the UCLA Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Such were seen to be derived directly and easily from fat tissue. On top of that, without genetic modification they were able to have it differentiated into cell type in the human body virtually.

It was through a “scientific accident” discovery that the multi-lineage stress-enduring stem cells coming from adipose tissue (Muse-AT) were made known. It was during that experiment when all of the stem cells, except the Muse-AT cells were killed due to a failed piece of equipment in the laboratory.

According to Gregorio Chazenbalk, an associate researcher with UCLA Obstetrics and Gynecolgy and.

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RIVERSIDE: Money raised for stem cell therapy that a girl needs
Stem cell treatment

Terry Lobato, the girl’s father shared to me that there was over $11,000 that was collected by the fundraiser in Corona last week. The money will be used to have the Riverside girl’s adult-stem-cell treatment resumed and conduct a research about how the extremely fragile bones could be addressed by the infusions.

Elizabeth Lobato, who is now 15 and was born with brittle bone disease or a severe form of osteogenesis imperfect, was the subject of the article that I wrote back in April. Mary, the girl’s mother said that her daughter, because of bone fracture would usually end up in the hospital about once every month. This is because her bones were very fragile that legs,.

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