Age Reversal Study I

A first study on age reversal was conducted in 2011-2012 in order to evaluate the effect of monthly ESC injections on the overall signs of aging  as well as their effect on the telomere length.

8 women and 7 men participated in the study. Their age ranged from 51 to 68.

Before receiving stem cells, all participants followed a 10 day detox program which included EDTA injections for heavy metal removal and an anti-parasite regimen.

Participants were asked to not change their diet and exercise habits during the duration of the study.

Overall health benefits observed during the study:

-    improved immune system

2 participants had low blood leucocyte count at the beginning of the study. Their levels were in the normal range within 3 months

-    improved liver and kidney functions

4 participants had high AST and ALT which were normalized at the end of the study

3 participants had slightly high creatinine level. 2 had their level normalized within 3 months. The 3rd one didn’t improve his creatinine level but had type 2 diabetes which improved during the study.

-    increased production of hormones

5 men had higher testosterone level at the end of the study. 2 women who were post-menopausal at the beginning of the study had menopausal hormonal panel at the end of the study. One woman who was post-menopausal at the beginning of the study had pre-menopausal hormonal panel at the end of the study.

  • increased libido
  • increased energy
  • less pain in joints and muscles
  • improved skin, nails and hair

Telomere length

The telomeres are the ‘caps’ that protect the end of our chromosomes. The more we age, the shorter these telomeres become. Once they are completely gone and cannot protect the DNA anymore, the cell die. The telomere length is therefore an excellent indicator of cellular senescence and of the diseases of aging.

The telomere length of all participants increased during the study by an average factor of 14%. The highest increase was observed for a woman aged 55 who showed a 16% overall increase. Her initial telomere length was already longer than the average person of her age at the beginning of the study. The lowest increase was observed for a  man aged 60 who had a 9% increase. His initial telomere length was lower than the average telomere length of the individuals of his age at the beginning of the study.

Although the number of people involved in the study was too small to draw any definitive conclusion, these initial results showed that ESC have the ability to not only restore healthy organ functions but also effect our DNA and repair its shortening telomere.

ESC treatments appear to be the best option as of today to reverse age and contribute for a healthier life of elderly people.

Age Reversal  Study II

We are launching currently taking applications for our second Age Reversal  Study. Click here to know more about it.