Anti Aging

Stem Cell Anti-aging Treatment

If you feel like life is ‘catching up with you’, if you think it hard to keep up with your kids, grand kids and long for the energy of your youth, if you just want to question the establishment and decided that though wrinkles add character, they are not for you, you may want to have a look at  our Anti Aging treatment.

What is aging?

Aging is an incredibly complicated process that is both pre-programmed and the result of environmental damages.

With time, the accumulation of toxins makes our body less capable or repairing the wear and tear at the cellular level, our immune system becomes compromised, our antibody and hormone productions decrease, causing further decline in the body’s ability to repair itself.

An efficient anti-aging program must address all the influential factors that contribute to our metabolic function decrease: our environment, our lifestyle and our genetic make-up.

 The A1 Stem Cell Rejuvenation program targets all aspects of the aging process including the genetic determinants, thanks to the power of the embryonic stem cells that can act at the cellular level.

 A1 Stem Cells Rejuvenation program benefits

A study made on 15 participants aged between 51 and 68, showed that after 12 months regular embryonic stem cell treatment, they all show

  • Stem Cell Anti-Agingimproved immune system
  • improved heart, liver and kidney functions
  • increased production of hormones
  • increased libido
  • increased energy
  • less pain in joints and muscles
  • improved skin, nails and hair
  • increased telomere length

The telomeres are the caps that protect the end of chromosomes. Each time our cells divide, their telomeres get shorter until they are so short that the DNA loses its functionality and as a result, the cells stop dividing and die. In other words, the length of the telomeres defines our biological clock. By increasing the length of the telomeres, the embryonic stem cells are simply resetting the biological clock. In our most recent studies, the DNA telomere length of rejuvenation patients showed an increase by an average of 14% in 12 months treatment which is unknown in the history of anti-aging therapies. By reversing the aging process of the DNA, each one of your cells is given more time to divide, more time to live. Aging is not inevitable anymore.

The A1 Stem CellsRejuvenation therapy offer

On your initial visit, a detailed analysis will be made to evaluate the effect of your environment and your lifestyle on your biological age*. Your genetic age will also be evaluated by measuring your DNA telomere length.

An average 10 day detox program is usually required at the beginning of the treatment to eliminate most of the toxins that slow down the internal organ efficiency. Then regular injections of embryonic stem cell will start the organs’ repair at the cellular level.

The best results have been observed after regular injections over a one year period. An average of one injection per month fits most but the program can be adapted to every one’s need and expectation.

A regular assessment of your progress will be done by our doctor and specialists who might also recommend changes in your lifestyle and environment in order to optimize the treatment.

 *In order for us to evaluate the quality of your water and air, you will be asked to bring samples of the water you drink and cook with, as well as samples of the dust collected on the furniture of the place where you stay the longest during the day.

 A1 Stem Cells promotes the use of science and high-end technology to help mankind. We also promote enlightenment by encouraging prevention and offers a special discount for ‘healthy costumers’ to enter A1 Stem CellsRejuvenation therapy.

Be young and beautiful from the inside out with the repairing power of the Embryonic stem cells.

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Invest in yourself. For a healthier future, now!