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A1 Stem Cells makes available the potency of Embryonic Stem Cells to treat major degenerative diseases. We offer tumor treatment and cancer treatments. We also address treatment for diabetes, treatment for depression, treatment for stroke and many more. (see our stem cells treatment page) Further more we encourage a proactive approach to heath care. Our team developed an anti aging therapy program to help your body rejuvenate.

A1 Stem Cells, beyond addressing the symptoms of your condition, cares to address its causes. We take it as our mission to find the source of your ailments, whether there are metal, pollutants or parasites of all sorts, then free you from these accumulated toxins, and finally restore the functionality of your organs thanks to our embryonic stem cells treatment. We will also counsel you so that you can maintain your regained well being and vitality once back home.

It is now understood that most diseases are the result of an accumulation of toxins and parasites that ineluctably damage our organs through time. It is also the major cause of aging and all its related ailments. The proposed embryonic stem cell treatment reverses the damages caused to the body. Upon injection, the cells trigger the body to repair itself, one organ at a time, bringing youth and wellness back from the inside out. The stem cell therapy have also been found more efficient if the toxins that caused the ailment at first have been thoroughly removed, thus preventing a possible future set-back. This is especially clear for all our cancer treatment.

Stem cell cancer treatment

The A1 Stem Cells offer is a complete and unique treatment that includes:

  • Advanced diagnosis using the latest non-invasive equipment.
  • Personalized detox including Dr Clark's cleanse protocols and holistic dentistry.
  • The most potent Stem Cell treatment.
  • After-treatment follow-up and counseling when you are back home.

Each of the diseases listed here have been thoroughly studied by our medical partners and biochemists. You can browse our testimony page to see the extent of what can be achieved when an ill body is relieved from the toxins accumulated through time and then recharged with the regenerative power of the stem cells.

If you don't find your ailment described in our site, please inquire with our repre-sentative who will get back to you shortly with the advise of our experts.



“When I first consulted with A1 Stem Cell’s doctor, they diagnosed a tumor that they quickly removed with their cleanse protocol and stem cell treatment. I don’t remember when was the time I felt like I feel now. I have gained at least 20 years worth of energy.”

Peter B.

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